What are Brush Pens?


What are brush pens and what can you use them for?

If you have been looking at websites selling Japanese art supplies, you have probably seen some online shops selling Brush pens.


What are brush pens, and what can you use them for?


So many more things than you may have thought of and, if you love to draw, then they may just be the perfect purchase for you.


What are brush pens? -- As the name suggests, brush pens are a pen that uses ink but that has a nib that is made from a tiny brush.


This allows the pen to create an illustration or drawing that is more like from a paintbrush than from a pen.


These types of pens are popular in anime and manga, and for drawing, sketching and even calligraphy. If you love to create any kind of artwork, they could be a good choice for you too.


Why are brush pens so popular? -- These types of pens tend to be popular as the ink inside them is fade-resistant. This means the artwork you create will last decades longer than work that is created using non-fade resistant pens.


These pens are also smear and bleed-resistant, so are much easier to use than a typical pen, with less accidents occurring as you draw.


Changing the drawing's width -- People also love brush pens as, depending on how much pressure you apply to the pen's brush as you draw, the thicker the lines become. The less pressure you apply, the thinner the lines then become.


This means you can technically use one pen for several areas of your artwork. Cutting down on the number of pens you need to buy, as well as allowing you to travel with a lower number of pens.


You will find a wide variety of these pens in all different colored inks as well.



Where to Find Affordable Japanese Brush Pens for Your Art


If you love to use Japanese brush pens for your artwork, you already know how expensive they can be. Especially if you use them often, and you order them from a seller based in Japan.

Thankfully, you do not actually have to order your Japanese Brush pens from a store in Japan, as there are other ways to find them closer to home and much cheaper.

Online stores selling Japanese art supplies -- There are several excellent online art supply stores based in the west that now specialize in Japanese art supplies. Particularly as Japanese art supplies have become so popular in the west in the last few years.

Do a search for some of the more popular online shops, and check their prices. Some are cheaper than others. Some also have frequent sales on brush pens, or offer specials if you spend more than a certain monetary amount.

Some even offer low prices on Japanese brush pens if you buy in bulk.

Buy large packs of Japanese brush pens -- When you do find a seller with reasonable prices on Japanese brush pens, buy as large of a pack as you can afford.

After all, a pack of six brush pens may be 10 dollars, whereas a pack of 24 brush pens is only 20 dollars. A huge saving per brush pen, and it will also give you more pens to work with when you do your artwork.

Free worldwide delivery -- While you may end up paying a hefty shipping fee for Japanese brush pens bought from Japan, some of the online art supply shops in the west offer free worldwide delivery to anyone.

This can mean, for the amount you save on shipping, you can actually afford to buy even more Japanese brush pens.


Find The Brush Pens You Want For A Good Price


Find The Brush Pens That Work The Best

Anytime that you buy something like brush pens, you should be able to count on them to work well. And, you should look into each brand that makes them to find one that puts together great brush pens. Look at the reviews that consumers have left on the pens and make sure that the ones that you buy are well loved.

You Will Enjoy Using Your Brush Pens

When you make sure that the Brush pens are some of the best out there, you will enjoy using them. And, you will be happy with yourself for doing research on them because they will do so much for you. The brush pens will meet your expectations in regard to quality and will last a long time. And you will be able to tell everyone you know about them and how well they work so that they can pick up some of the same kind of pens for themselves.

Everyone Loves A Good Pen

You can give brush pens to your friends and family after you have tried them and have had success using them. You should make sure that everyone you know who would like these gets them at some point so that they can enjoy them as much as you do. And, you should find a great store to buy the brush pens from so that you will get them for a good price. There are many places that sell these pens at a discount, and you should look online until you find a store that sells the good brush pens that you need for a good price.

Find Brush Pens That Are From The Right Brand And Will Work Well


Find The Brush Pens You Need Online

It is easier to shop online than in person because you will have a variety of options when you shop online. And, you will also be able to easily find reviews when you do your shopping online. You should find a shop that sells the kind of brush pens you want and compare the cost of buying them from it compared to buying them in store or on another site. The more you look into your options, the better price you will pay and the better brushes you will get. 

Buy The Brushes That Will Make The Difference

Each brand of brush performs differently, and you should buy the brushes that will make the difference for you and how you use them. Buy the highest quality brushes you can find so that you will enjoy using them.

Know That There Are Many Fake Brands Out There

When you are buying brushes, you should pay careful attention to which brand you buy and how people feel about that brand. Make sure that it is not fake or too cheap of a brand so that you won't end up with something that won't work right. Pay attention to brands by reading reviews and talking with friends who use Brush pens to get their opinions. If you know a lot about the various brands that create brushes, then you will feel good about each one that you buy and how it is going to perform when you start using it. And you will feel good about the price if you are careful about which store you buy the brushes through, as well.